Sunday, July 29, 2012

When Your Dentist Says You Need Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are a type of cap placed over the top of the tooth. In many cases, they are necessary to prevent any type of decay of that tooth. Newer products offer a similar function and are now recommended by various dentists as a preventative measure in children. However, as you get older, your dentist may begin to talk to you about your needs for these devices. They can provide both an improvement to the way the tooth looks as well as to how it functions.

Why Do You Need One?

The potential reasons for having dental crowns will range significantly. These devices can help in various circumstances including whenever there is a risk or the presence of damage to the tooth. They encase the visible portion of the tooth fully, which provides a layer of protection to the enamel. Often, they cover the tooth from the top of it through to the location of the gums. The following are some examples of when these may be necessary.

-Those who have one or more weak teeth may benefit from having these put in as it stops the further decaying due to bacteria.

-For those who have a broken tooth or one that is worn down significantly, this can add a layer of protection to avoid additional damage.

-In some root canals, the dentist will place a crown over the tooth as a preventative and protective measure.

-Those that have significantly yellowed teeth that cannot be cleaned may benefit from this treatment.

-Those who have a large filling and the remaining tooth is minimal may benefit from the use of this device.

-In some cases, they are used to provide for an anchor location for a dental bridge to ensure it remains in place.

-They can be helpful when a dental implant is put into place by providing a layer of protection for the artificial tooth.

The use of dental crowns is not uncommon. If your dentist says you may need to consider using them, it may actually be a benefit to you. There are various types of products on the market but most offer a very natural looking result. These can actually improve your smile in the long-term.

Overall, dental crowns can be a good investment because they protect the teeth from bacteria. Bacteria, which can cause damage to the structure of the teeth as well as the gums, is only brought under control with proper treatment and oral hygiene, but once the damage is done, it is hard to restore health to a smile. That is where the use of a crown can come in handy. Protect your smile for years to come by investing in these.

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