Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cosmetic Dentistry and Transforming Smiles

You and your dentist may be keeping your smile healthy, but that does not mean your pearly whites are as white as they could be. Regular dentistry helps with the overall health of your teeth but does not improve appearance. If your teeth do not look their best, then you do not feel your best. Cosmetic dentistry turns your crooked, dingy teeth into a bright, happy smile. There are many cosmetic procedures that could help transform your teeth.

Consider your smile and any areas that make you feel insecure. There have been many technological feats in the past decades that make it possible to give teeth a makeover. Some procedures include bleaching, shaping, repairing, bonding and more. Be realistic about your budget and what you need to have done. Look for doctors in the area that are knowledgeable, friendly, and can work with your schedule. Ask your dentist about your options and become informed about the procedures you want. Some dentists can use computer imaging to show you what certain changes would look like, so you can be sure about the procedure.

Bonding helps repair a tooth by binding resin to the surface. If you have chipped, decayed or discolored teeth, then this cosmetic procedure helps to correct the appearance of problem teeth. Bonding can be applied in a single visit, there is no medication required and it is a low cost way to repair teeth. Dentists use the tooth colored resin to shape and polish the material to make one tooth appear whole and matching the others. If you want to elongate teeth or change the color and shape of many teeth, then bonding can also useful.

Veneers achieve similar results as bonding but are ceramic material that is specifically made for a person's mouth to correct imperfections. The process takes more time than bonding because the dentist must make a mold of your teeth and have the veneers developed. Veneers are often preferred over crowns because they are undetectable. They are more expensive than bonding but last much longer.

Crowns also cover up imperfections by placing a cover over decayed and damaged teeth. Consider this procedure if your teeth are badly decayed because crowns can help give teeth strength and keep them from falling apart. A crown does not usually match the appearance of the tooth like veneers or bonding. Crowns are made of metal or alloys. A ceramic crown can match teeth but are not as strong. Metal or alloy crowns are recommended for back teeth where the crowns will not be visible. Crowns are long lasting, and some have been known to last for decades.

One of the most common cosmetic procedures is teeth whitening. This process can be noninvasive and helps produce cleaner looking teeth. Having the process completed by a professional is more costly but most effective. Cosmetic whitening bleaches teeth and can last for one to three years with proper care. Your dentist will remove stains by bleaching them away in one visit. You can also select the whiteness you desire or only whiten certain teeth to match the look of others. This cosmetic procedure should be done by a dental professional. Your dentist will be aware of any health concerns, ensures you do not ingest chemicals and uses a stronger method than at home products provide.

Your mouth can look and feel great when you use cosmetic dentistry to enhance your smile. Any change you can imagine can usually be applied to your teeth. You can correct imperfections, coloration and gaps that used to cause stress. Start looking for dentists today, and transform your smile.

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