Thursday, July 18, 2013

Why Choosing A Toothbrush Is Important

How to Choose a Toothbrush

Most people don't really give a lot of consideration when picking out a toothbrush. They rarely consider the quality but instead end up picking the one that matches their favorite color, or that looks sleek. But there genuinely is more to consider when choosing a toothbrush. You want to get the great value from your toothbrush that your hard earned money deserves. Knowing just a few key points will help you select a toothbrush that ensures you are getting that value.

Primary Factors for Choosing a Toothbrush
  • Bristle strength is a top consideration. You will want to choose a toothbrush with soft bristles since this can help you avoid gingivitis recession. Soft bristles can clean your gingival margin without irritating your gums. Hard bristles are much more prone to cause bleeding and even damage gum tissues.
  • You will want to select a handle that is comfortable when you grip it. While this is not really a health issue, it is important that the brush does not feel awkward in the grip. In recent years there have been several advancements to handle sizes, textures, and design features. Select a handle that is not so large as to make it difficult to get to those hard to reach teeth in the back of the mouth.
  • Likewise the head of the toothbrush needs to be small enough so that it can reach the back areas of the mouth without feeling like you are going to gag. Those areas are where most bacteria and plaque buildup usually start, and require extra attention when brushing.
  • When picking out a toothbrush for your children, another consideration might be finding a toothbrush with their favorite action hero or other animated character on it. Anything that will encourage them to brush often is always a good thing. Action figure toothbrushes may actually cause your child to want to brush longer as well.
How About Electric Toothbrushes

There is a wide variety of electrically operated toothbrushes available in the market today. Many of the newer models have even been proven to reduce plaque better than manual brushes because of the action of the bristles. Most high quality brands will include the brush features on the box. Always purchase a reputable brand.

Most people do not spend the time brushing that they should. With a manual brush you should spend at least two minutes ensuring that you brush thoroughly. With an electric brush, it takes less time to get the same benefits, due to the number of strokes delivered for the same amount of time.

Most electric toothbrushes are far less likely to damage your gums due to applying too much pressure when manually brushing. Anyone finding they are having trouble with bleeding gums from manual brushing might consider replacing their manual brush with an electric one. Of course you are having a problem with bleeding gums, you should seek counsel from a dentist to see if there are more serious issues going on.

It's Not Rocket Science

Selecting a toothbrush is not rocket science, but it does require a little more attention than most people give it. If you ask your dentist there is a good chance that they can give you an exact brand and style of brush that is best for you. Making the right decision about a toothbrush can be considered a small investment in the right tool by possibly avoiding expensive dental bills later.

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