Thursday, January 15, 2015

Four Ways To Make Your Trip To The Dentist Less Stressful

In the eyes of many people, visiting the dentist is an ordeal on the same level as going to the principal's office as a child or getting called to the supervisor's office at work. It is common to put off this important visit, finding excuses or outright refusing to go when we should. Do you get uncomfortable when the time for your visit comes around? If so, consider these practical tips to help calm your fears and make you feel more comfortable about seeing your dentist.

Bring A Friend

Everyone needs a little motivation to help get things done sometimes, and the best form of motivation can come from a friend. If you feel especially nervous about going to get your mouth checked out, have a close friend or family member come with you. Having a friendly, familiar presence is a great aid to navigating any stressful situation. This can be especially helpful if your buddy has experience with a dentist and can talk you through your fears.

Use Anti-stress Techniques

Stress management tools such as stress balls or breathing are often made fun of, but they can be lifesavers when you're going in for your oral check-up. Don't hesitate to have a stress ball handy as you enter the office. Also, be sure to use breathing techniques - breathe in deeply and slowly, and breathe out the same way. These methods seem simple and trivial, but they do work and can help you relieve a lot of stress as you wait for your check-up.

Think Positive

One common reason that many people fear going to see a dental professional is that they expect something bad to happen. They expect to hear about a root canal being needed or that some frightening, metallic device will be inserted into their mouths to inflict maximum levels of discomfort. Such thinking can easily make anyone want to avoid this check-up. Instead of thinking what can go wrong, think about what can go right. You may find out that your teeth are in good health, or that any issues at hand are small enough to be handled quickly and easily. Think about the fact that you are doing something good for yourself. Perspective is powerful, and maintaining a positive perspective is key to experiencing positive experiences.

Get To Know Your Dentist

This is likely the most important thing you can do to relieve your fears of getting your teeth checked out. Your dental professional is a human being, a person just like you. They have life experiences, emotions, thoughts, and senses of humor. Talk to them, tell them your fears and ask them any questions you may have. Once you can see your oral professional as more than a scary and impersonal figure, you may find that going for a visit isn't so much of a chore as you thought.

It's not unusual to be afraid to see a dentist, but this fear can hinder you from getting the treatment you need. By working past that fear, you'll be ensuring that your smile is at its healthiest for a long time to come.

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