Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Advantages of a Family Dentist Versus a Pediatric Dentist

Teaching your children good oral hygiene habits and taking them to the dentist regularly are vital in establishing the future of your child's health. Studies suggest that between 40 to 50 percent of children are affected by tooth decay prior to the age of five. To prevent your child from becoming a part of this statistic, they recommend kids having their first visit by their first birthday.

When you begin the search for a dentist for you and your children, you will find you have several choices, including which type you want to see. Some restrict their practice to certain age groups. Pedodontists, for example, restrict their practice to young children. Conversely, a family dentist will provide care for a wide variety of patients, from young children to older adults, making it an easier, one-stop shop trip for the entire family. Here are some benefits to choosing a family practice to meet your oral care needs:


A family practice will accept patients of all ages, making this an extremely convenient option if you have children. Furthermore, by treating the entire family, you will minimize behaviors that are detrimental to both your children and you. Studies have shown that a parent's dental health directly corresponds with their children's health. When parents and grandparents take exceptional care of their dental health, the children are sure to follow.

In addition to the convenience of scheduling with other family members, you also have the ability to maximize the usage of dental insurance and flexible spending accounts across all members of the family. And because these practices tend to offer much more flexible scheduling, you will also have the ability to be seen on short notice.

Lifelong Dentistry

Many parents would never dream of taking their children to any other doctor than a pediatrician. The same does not apply to dentistry, however. A family practice with a developed pediatric protocol is an excellent option for children's dental care. A well-equipped practice will meet the needs of a one-year-old, the changes experienced in growing children.

When you elect to go to a family clinic, you will not be burdened with having to find a new practitioner once they become young adults. Conversely, if you choose a pediatric clinic for your children, once they reach the cut-off age, they will have to become acquainted and comfortable with a new practice. Choosing a family one ensures all of your child's dental records remain in one place, and that the continuity of care will not be compromised. Having the entire family's dental records in one location also makes it easier for the doctor to identify any genetic issues that may arise.

By spending time in the dentist office as a family, you will develop personal and life-long relationships with the doctor and office staff. You can be reassured that the procedures and treatments provided to and your children are consistent and from someone you trust.

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