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Six Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry

Smile - it's a small thing that comes as an expression of joy, but it also plays an important role in defining our overall personality. Even a smallest enhancement in smile can boost our confidence and self-esteem, which will make us smile more. But how can we gain those enhancements? Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry is here to help us out with this thing. While traditional dentistry focuses on oral hygiene and diagnosis of oral health issues, cosmetic dentistry focuses on improvement in the appearance of teeth. Today this form of dentistry has become very popular and dentists have got a wide range of tools to improve the appearance of our teeth.

Given below are some frequently asked questions about cosmetic dentistry:

#1. Can bleaching damage the teeth?

Nope. Bleaching works like this - when active whitening agent carbamide peroxide combines with water, hydrogen peroxide is released which makes our teeth whiter. Teeth never become softer, demineralized or weaker due to bleaching.

#2. What about over-the-counter products? Do they work?

Well, there's some evidence that these products work and whiten the teeth. However, these products are often too abrasive and can also damage the teeth. Supervision and guidance of dentist is a must for whitening the teeth.

#3. What are Porcelain Veneers? What's their use?

Ultra-thin shells of ceramic material bonded to the front of our teeth are known as Porcelain Veneers. These shells help a lot in masking the discoloration of teeth, thus providing an improved whiter appearance to the front of teeth.

#4. I've a dental insurance. Can it pay for my improved smile?

Most dental insurance products provide very limited benefits per year. They can cover your regular dental checkups, but in most cases they won't cover the cosmetic services. Insurance is also a business, so companies often pay for the least expensive options instead of best solutions.

#5. How many visits are required for an improved smile?

The answer of this question will depend directly on your desires. Sometimes you can significantly improve the looks of your teeth in a couple of visits. However, in certain cases frequent visits may be required. You can discuss about it with your dentist to get an accurate idea of the visits that'll be required to improve your smile.

#6. Are results of cosmetic dentistry permanent?

I would like to say one thing here - nothing is permanent in this world. However, modern materials can last for several years with proper home care and regular visits to the dentist.

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