Monday, November 2, 2015

What Kind of Food Do Your Teeth Like?

There are "good" and "evil" foods in respect of teeth health. Some foods help teeth stay strong and beautiful while the other ones are full of injurious acids provoking different teeth diseases.

The best kind of food for our teeth and the whole organism is natural food. Consuming fruit and vegetables will give you high results in preserving of your gorgeous smile. However, it is important to choose right greens, as not all of them will bring profit. The right fruit and vegetables are the crunchy ones. Such kind of greens is useful because they contain water that cleans your teeth while you are eating. Unnecessary particles of left-over food will simply be washed away by this water. Besides, crunchy fruit and vegetables stimulate production of saliva which is important for having healthy teeth.

There also are harmful fruit and vegetables. Oranges, limes, lemons, pickles are among them. These greens contain acid which is very harmful for your teeth. Pickles, for example, contain vinegar. The acids in this kind of food can destroy enamel of your teeth. This will lead to their sensitivity and decay. It does not mean that you need to exclude them from your ratio, but control their consuming.
Nuts, meat and cheese are useful for the teeth health. They contain a lot of phosphorus and calcium that are so important for our organism. This food remineralize your teeth.

Starch and white flour do not bring any advantages to human's teeth. White pasta and bread, chips made of potato and crackers are rich in sugar which causes so many troubles to our teeth. Acids left after eating such food will lead to teeth and gum diseases.

Consuming of chewy, acidic, hard and sugary candies should be controlled as well. They stick between and to the teeth, leave sugar and acids on them and allow the bacteria to spread in your mouth. Chocolate candies are able to melt in the mouth and to be washed away quickly. That is why they are not as harmful as other sweets.

Drinks should be considered as well. Water is the best drink for our organism at large and for our teeth freestanding. It will wash the harmful food left-overs if you drink it during the day. Sugary drinks, soda and even juice are harmful. Even sugar-free sodas contain phosphoric and citric acids eroding teeth enamel. Canker sores and tooth decay are the results of drinking unhealthy drinks.

There are drinks that stain teeth. For example, wine contains teeth-discolouring pigments produced by chromogens. Alcohol dries the mouth out, so the teeth become sticky and stained. Coffee was proved to be even more staining than tobacco is. The teeth of coffee-lovers attract more bacteria and food particles as they become sticky.

In order to save your teeth from tooth decay, visit professional dentists in New York. The qualified specialists will tell you everything about useful and harmful foods and drinks. Your teeth will be secure of problems connected with unhealthy eating.
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