Friday, September 9, 2016

Regular Brushing Is Necessary For Healthy Teeth

All dentists will agree that it is necessary to both brush and floss your teeth regularly in order to maintain good oral health. The typical suggestion is to brush and floss after every meal, although it is more expected that people will brush and floss in the mornings and night time. This regular maintenance at home is crucial to keep the plaque and tartar to a minimum, as these are the components that cause cavities and oral issues.
Your dentist will suggest a visit to their office every six months in order to have an exam and cleaning. This cleaning is a more profession one than you can accomplish on your own, actually cleaning below your gum lines and in areas that are typically missed when brushing. This cleaning will also involve instruments which are far more effective than a toothbrush, which are able to actually remove the plaque and tartar that even your toothbrush cannot. Over the course of six months or so, a typical patient will begin to see a buildup that can no longer be removed by brushing, and this buildup must be removed before it begins actually damaging the teeth by causing cavities.
When you visit your local dentist, he is also examining your teeth and mouth looking for changes since the last visit. This comparison will not only provide knowledge of the necessary fillings or procedures which will restore your oral health, but also is looking for signs of disease that might be manifest in the mouth. There are symptoms to certain diseases like oral cancer which can be seen with a visual inspection as long as you know what you are looking for, and can potentially provide a diagnosis early in the process which will assist in a successful treatment. If allowed to progress, many diseases will become harder to treat successfully, which is why early diagnosis is so important. By getting an examination every six months, you are providing your dentist with the ability to diagnose early in the progress of a disease and provide you with a better prognosis.
Visit your dentist as often as possible for cleanings, and make sure you both brush and floss regularly. This will provide you with the best advantage to not only avoiding disease, but also to keeping your teeth healthier and for longer periods of life. You are only given one set of teeth, take care of them.

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