Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation For Receding Gums Shown By Los Angeles Dentist Dr. John Chao On NBC News

Dentist, educator and inventor Dr. John Chao appears on NBC News in a story on Chao Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation™, the revolutionary minimally invasive treatment for receding gums, and what many doctors are calling the best alternative to conventional gum grafting that has been developed.

Also known as the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique® and the Lunchtime Gum Lift™, the Pinhole Technique® is changing the way doctors around the world are treating gum recession and making it easier for patients to decide to have needed treatment for receding gums.

Dr. Burton of Regency Dental Group in Vacaville has been trained in the pinhole technique by Dr. Chao personally. Please call our office for more information and to schedule your appointment! 

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