Monday, October 31, 2022

5 Dental Anesthesia Options & Everything You NEED to KNOW About Them

Let's talk about all the different types of dental anesthesia, including the benefits, side effects, and how long each one lasts!  We'll go over: local anesthetic (the numbing injection), nitrous oxide (aka laughing gas), oral sedation (medication such as pills), IV sedation (twilight), and general anesthesia.

The 5 types of dental anesthesia, side effects, efficacy, and who can offer them will vary from office to office. Not all dentists offer or are trained to provide the same types of dental sedation. Lighter options like local anesthetic and nitrous oxide are in most offices, whereas IV sedation or general anesthesia are typically used in oral surgery clinics and outpatient facilities. Your dentist can help you identify the best sedative/anesthesia for your situation. No two are alike! Always be sure to review your medical history and talk to your dental provider about the risks involved in the type of sedative you choose.

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