Monday, January 23, 2012

Get Informed by Knowing Bad Breath Causes

In the current world trend, a majority of people experience bad breathe from time to time. The condition can be caused by a number of things. For instance, it can come about due to certain foods, a symptom of a disease or poor hygiene. However, this depends with the individuals suffering from this condition. Taking time to develop a healthy oral care routine such as proper brushing, mouth wash etc ensures that bad breath causes are kept at bay and in return making your teeth look whiter always. Explore the different bad breath causes below to get informed.
• Foods: There are certain foods that have strong odors that when eaten cause this condition. These foods include garlic or onions. When these foods are broken down in and around your teeth, they result into a foul smell. It is imperative for you to eat foods that are less smelly such as fruits and vegetables as they can easily mask this condition.
• Smoking: Frequent smokers tend to emit a bad odor especially if they move close to you. This bad odor is caused by tar and nicotine mostly found in cigarettes. Tar and nicotine builds up on one's teeth as well as tongue resulting into a foul smell.
• Acid Reflux: Taking a lot of products rich in acid reflux can be a major contribution to bad breathing. This mostly occurs when an individual eats a large meal. However, this doesn't create a permanent foul smell as it occurs when the foul-smelling acid rises to your throat. Burping causes the smell to emanate from both your mouth and throat.
• Allergies and Respiratory Infections: If one is suffering from an allergy or any other medical condition that is related to the respiratory system, can cause one to experience difficulty in inhalation. While this is the case, most people find themselves sleeping with their mouths wide open causing the oral membranes to dry up. Having a dry mouth results to halitosis, causes drainage that result into a foul smell.
• Chronic diseases: Those people suffering from different types of cancers as well as other conditions brought about by metabolism tend to have foul odor being emitted from their lungs as well as mouth. For instance, if one is suffering from a kidney related disease, smells of ammonia and urea can be emitted leading to a foul smell. If any of these occurs to you, it is necessary to seek medical assistance immediately as delays may aggravate the condition.
• Bacteria: Among the bad breath causes, bacteria are considered to be the most prone contributor to bad smell. Bacteria mostly develop from leftover foods, environmental elements that can easily reach inside of the mouth. On the other hand, when you eat, some traces of food get lodged between your teeth and around the gums. If left for longer periods of time for example overnight, it can result to bad smell.
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