Wednesday, November 14, 2012

5 Benefits of a Great Smile

A great smile has many functions. It can brighten a room, shine in a picture, increase happiness, and even help you get that date you've always wanted. But if you've always been embarrassed of your smile, you may think these things are impossible. However, a beautiful smile is within your reach. You don't have to hate your smile any longer! By utilizing the latest cosmetic technology, you can work with your dentist to achieve the smile of your dreams. Whether it's through dental implants, teeth whitening, smile makeovers, or crowns and bridges, you can work with your dentist to attain your perfect smile. Now that you know it is possible, here are 5 benefits of a great smile!

• Great Pictures

Have you ever posed for a picture, and instead of showing your teeth, you go with the closed-mouth lip smile? Let's be honest, it's kind of awkward and everybody knows you are hiding something. With a new and improved smile, you can avoid this embarrassing moment and show off your beautiful smile to the whole world.

• Positively Affect Others

Smiling helps create a positive environment. The more you smile, the happier you feel, and this happiness reflects on those around you as well. This can help you build lasting relationships and increase your emotional well-being. Instead of hesitating and holding yourself back every time you have a happy, you can relax and smile wide.

• Increased Confidence

Your confidence will increase, especially in social environments. You can smile freely on dates without worrying about your partner noticing your slightly yellow teeth or that pesky missing front tooth. You'll be able to fully be yourself once you don't have to hold anything back. Not to mention that your big smile will be much more attractive than your awkward close-mouth lip smile. With your newfound great smile, you can smile, laugh, and have a great time around anybody. Self-consciousness be gone!

• Stress Relief

Without the anxiety caused by your old smile, you'll enjoy a great amount of stress relief. You will be smiling much more, which has been proven to reduce symptoms associated with anxiety. By reducing stress, you may lower blood pressure, regulate blood sugar, and even improve digestion. Not only will your emotional health improve, but your physical health will increase as well!

• You'll Feel Better

Think about this for a second: you do most things in life because you think they will make you happy. You think you'll feel good. Well, a great smile can certainly lift your spirits. Studies have shown that the act of smiling can dramatically improve your mood. Smiling increases happiness, so why not give yourself the motivation to smile more?

With all the new technology in cosmetic dentistry, your bad smile can become a thing of the past. Once you are confident enough to show off your great smile, the benefits are countless. Stop pouting and start moving towards your perfect smile today. The world is waiting, it's your time to brighten it!

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