Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cosmetic Dentist - Tooth Bonding

A cosmetic dentist often uses a method of treatment which is known as tooth bonding. This type of treatment is used on teeth that are decayed to restore them and make them healthy again. The color of the teeth can even be changed can be changed and improved with this procedure. Bonding is also used to change the shape of the teeth and give them a more even appearance. Teeth that are crooked and teeth that have gaps in them can be improved with this treatment. When teeth are badly stained, bonding can be used to minimize the stains.

Any problem that makes the teeth appear uneven can be corrected with bonding by a cosmetic dentist. This treatment consists of using a coat of a plastic substance on the surface of the teeth. When that's been applied, the substance used to bond the teeth is applied. This is used to sculpt the teeth and shape them for the desired result. A light is used to harden the plastic and keep it in place. When it's completely set, a polish is used to make the teeth clean and brighter looking. This is a good alternative to traditional fillings which usually last about seven years. Bonding can last from seven to eleven years.

The types of bonding that a cosmetic dentist uses are for small spaces, which match the color of the tooth. This type of bonding is affixed to the surface of the tooth to correct small imperfections. They are used to give the teeth more strength. Your dentist will determine if this type of bonding will be adequate for your needs. For larger areas, a mold is made of your teeth. A temporary filling is put into the area until the permanent filling has been made at a dental lab. They're generally created out of porcelain. When you have your second visit to the dentist, the permanent filling is bonded to your tooth.

Before having a cosmetic dentist do a dental bonding procedure on you, you should find out if this is the best method of treatment. You should also find out if your dental insurance will cover the procedure. The price of having dental bonding done will depend on the area you live in. It also depends on how extensive the treatment is. In many cases, dental insurance will cover most of the cost of a dental bonding treatment, especially if it's a case of a structural problem which must be corrected. The appearance of your teeth after the treatment is completed is the main reason for having dental bonding done.

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