Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Dental Care For Children: When Should Kids Visit The Dentist?

Many parents know that their children need dental care, but they're not exactly sure when their kids should have their first visit. If you're wondering, here's a quick guide to kids' dental care and what parents should do to make sure that their kids' teeth are properly cared for.

Good Dental Care Starts At Home

It's important to start proper dental care even before children have a first tooth! Parents can simply swipe the gums with a damp washcloth. Once your child has gotten his first tooth, parents should use a soft toothbrush that's designed for babies and just water. Once your little one can put things in his mouth, you can even give him the toothbrush to chew on. Just realize that you'll still need to clean his teeth -- this is just getting your child used to handling the toothbrush!

As many kids get older, parents are tempted to let them handle their own brushing. While it's a great idea to let kids brush their own teeth, parents should follow up with a quick brushing of their own to make sure that every tooth has been properly cleaned. And don't forget to floss! Kids need to floss just like adults do.

When Should Kids First Visit The Dentist

Many parents are surprised to realize that they should visit the dentist about six months after the first tooth has appeared. The visit will be a short one and is just designed to get your child used to having their teeth cared for! Parents never really know how their child will react when they get into the chair, but can make the visit easier on everyone if it's not scheduled when the child is tired or during their regular nap time!

During this first visit, the dentist will take a look at any teeth that have come through, and make sure the gums are healthy and not inflamed. Depending on how well the child is doing, the visit may include a gentle cleaning, and showing parents how to care for the teeth. This visit won't last long and is usually just to make dental care a part of a regular healthcare routine.

What If You've Waited A Little Longer

Since most parents don't realize that children should see a dentist so soon after their teeth have come in, many children don't have their first dental visit until they're two, three or even four. If you've waited a little longer, don't worry! Look for an office that's experienced in treating children and adults and a dentist that's comfortable working with children. Explain to your child that the dentist will take a look at their teeth to make sure they're growing correctly and that he might even take a picture of the teeth using a special camera. Before your visit, have kids practice opening their mouths wide and let them know that it won't hurt! Having a carefree attitude towards a dental visit can do a lot to alleviate any stress that your child might have about it.

Proper dental care starts at home, but that doesn't mean that your child shouldn't visit the dentist. Introducing your child to a dental office will help go a long way towards setting them up for a lifetime of healthy teeth.

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