Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Effects of Smoking and Drinking on Oral Hygiene

Smoking and drinking are two of the most discussed issues in the present times. Smoking and drinking have their own ill effects. According to a recent survey, nearly 43000 Americans would be victims to oral cancer this year. 93% of these are caused because of excessive smoking and drinking.


There is a very famous quote that smoking is a very classy way to commit suicide. Its adverse effects is not only evident on the smoker's lungs and respiratory system but on his health as a whole. The mouth suffers the immediate consequences - gums become pale, teeth lose their white color and the taste buds and the tongue get affected. It also has a damaging effect on the mouth muscles and lead to frequent mouth and tongue dryness ultimately leading to oral cancer.

Smoking during pregnancy affects the embryo formation and very often leads to the delivery of abnormal children or physical deformities in them.

The Role of Nicotine

The concoction of chemicals like nicotine in tobacco or smoke, and plaque bacteria leads to deterioration of the teeth. Before you realize, the teeth and the gums get considerably damaged which is irreversible. This paves the way to cavities and loosening of teeth that eventually have to be pulled out.


Alcohol contains good amount of sugars, which very easily settle in the mouth making it a bacteria-breeding place that feed on gums and teeth. The smoke which is drawn from a cigarette and the bacteria present together release a dangerous acid which results in stomach acidity initially and ultimately leads to oral cancer. This is also another reason to throat and intestine cancers as well.

Limiting the Damage

It is always good to quit smoking and drinking. Even though being addicted is not good, keeping the damage at its minimum is advisable. It is very important not only to brush and floss your teeth every morning but also after every meal. It is a good habit to rinse the mouth with water very often when you are drinking to normalize the saliva flow. Do not forget to keep chewing sugar free gums very often if you are a regular drinker.

Regular visits to the dentist is almost a mandate for regular smokers and drinkers. If you or any of your family members are facing oral hygiene problems and looking for suggestions or treatment, you can always visit and consult 'family dentistry' which provides complete oral care.

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