Thursday, February 5, 2015

How to Handle a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency such as an injury to the gums or damage to the teeth can be very serious. Such occurrences should not be ignored. Ignoring these problems can result to serious dental issues. You run the risk of permanently damaging your gums or teeth, which could result to the need for extensive treatments that cost much more.

It is important to contact an emergency dentist as soon as you experience a gum injury or damage to your teeth.

What to do when faced with an emergency

There are several things you can do to deal with problems before you visit dental clinics.The following is a summary of some tips for handling urgent situations:

• Broken or chipped teeth: Ensure that you save any pieces of the tooth. Rinse out your mouth with warm water to remove all debris from your mouth. This will help you avoid swallowing any pieces. Apply a piece of gauze to the area until the bleeding stops. If there is swelling, use a cold press on the outside of the mouth to keep the swelling down.

• Cracked or lost filling: Chew on sugarless gum and stick it in the cavity or crack.

• Fallen crowns: Retrieve the fallen crown and ensure that you carry it with you when you visit the emergency dentist. If you're experiencing pain, apply clove oil with a cotton swab to the sensitive area. Avoid using superglue to reattach the crown.

• Toothache: Use pain relief medicines such as aspirin to help with the pain. Rinse your mouth with warm water and brush or floss your teeth to remove any food particles that may be stuck between your teeth. Use a cold press on the outside of your mouth if your gum is swollen.

• Broken wires or braces: Broken wires or braces can result in injury to your gum, tongue or cheek. Push the wire into a position that will provide greater comfort for you. You can use the eraser end of a pencil for this. You can also apply a cotton ball or piece of gauze over the wire if you can't reposition the wire.

• Infections or abscesses: An abscess is an infection that occurs at the base of the tooth around the root. It results in damage of the tissues around the teeth. The infection can easily spread to other parts of the body if not dealt with properly. Rinse your mouth with warm salty water several times a day.

• Injuries to the soft tissue in the mouth: Rinse the mouth with a warm salt-water solution. Apply gauze to the bleeding area. You can also use a tea bag. Hold this in place until the bleeding stops. Apply a cold press outside the mouth if there is swelling.

No matter what day or time your dental emergency happens, our emergency dentists in Calgary will be there for you and your family. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, call our office at (403) 254-0406, and use our dentist's contact numbers for after-hours emergencies.
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