Wednesday, September 9, 2015

5 Questions To Ask Your Potential Cosmetic Dentist

Choosing the right cosmetic dentist is crucial if you want to get the kind of result that you want from your dental treatments. More than improving the appearance of your teeth, keep in mind that your chosen dentist should be able to maintain and restore its healthy condition.

You need to come up with an informed choice not only about the dentist but regarding the treatment as well. Here are 5 questions you should ask your potential cosmetic dentist.

What particular procedures are you trained or experienced with?

You would want a dentist with sufficient training and experience in performing the procedure you need. Note that every cosmetic dentist has their own field of specialization. Some dentist may provide an extensive range of cosmetic treatments while other just focus on a particular treatment like teeth whitening. It is recommended that you opt for a cosmetic dentist that provides wide range of treatments. This is to ensure that other dental issues aside from the problem you are facing now will also be identified and addressed.

Which treatment would you recommend for teeth restoration?

Would you need implants, veneers, braces? You would want your dentist to fully explain every cosmetic procedure ideal for your teeth restoration. Ask details about the process, the required maintenance, and the cost. The dentist must also give explanation why he or she chooses that particular procedure.

Are there alternative treatments to your recommendation?

To improve and restore your teeth, a treatment may be dependent on one or two procedures. This means additional amount of money and time for you. Your potential dentist should take you through every option.

Could you show before and after photos of your work?

The best dentists would be proud to show you their works. Usually they keep or display before and after photos in their clinics. In some cases, there may have been some challenges. Because you are expecting a dramatic result, it is but right to ask about what truly happened. What strategies have been implemented to overcome the challenges?

Is the same result guaranteed?

You might not get the same dramatic results like other patients. It may take you a while to see the remarkable effects of the dental procedure. To manage your expectations, ask your cosmetic dentist about what kind of results should you expect. Do understand that outcomes vary for some reasons and your dentist should clearly discuss the factors to you.

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