Monday, September 21, 2015

The Developing Smile - Primary and Permanent Teeth

Value your child's smile:

If you overlook or neglect your child's oral care while they are young, then you are risking damage to teeth and general oral health. Your dentist will encourage you to manage your child's oral health.

What happens when primary teeth are neglected?

There is a clear direct relationship between primary and permanent teeth. So now try to understand the following things.

1) Set up good habits - to avoid infection and decay in your child's permanent teeth form good oral habits while they are young and still have their primary teeth

2) A damaged and untreated tooth will adversely affect the formation of the permanent teeth

3) The tooth groove will get destroyed and the new permanent teeth will be uneven and lead to misalignment

The teething process:

When children start to lose their primary teeth, their permanent teeth are pushing through the gum above their primary or baby teeth. It is interesting to note the fact that there are only 20 primary teeth; however there are many more permanent teeth - eventually an adult, who does not have any extractions, will have 32 teeth. The additional 12 are known as permanent molars and do not erupt too young.

Usually the wisdom teeth develop at the age of 20 sometimes as late as up to 30 years old. It can be a very painful process although, at times wisdom teeth may need be extracted when the mouth is overcrowded to make space for the other teeth and avoid them being crammed and affecting the entire jaw.

Save the primary teeth for a good smile:

Parents need to be responsible for setting up good oral health habits for their children while they are young. Children are totally dependent upon their parents, therefore, it is their responsibility to make sure that the primary teeth are not taken for granted.

Parents should:

1) Discourage your child from eating too many sugary products like chocolates and sweet cakes etc

2) Avoid juices and others sweetened drinks

3) Make sure they brush twice a day

Most important recommendations:

If primary teeth are handled with care, permanent teeth will remain good and healthy too. The developing teeth are responsible for developing smile of your child so be very careful with them. Visit your dentist regularly so that oral health remains perfect and the development of the teeth does not get affected at any point.

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