Thursday, August 11, 2022

can TOOTHPASTE really WHITEN teeth?

Let's talk about whether or not toothpaste actually whitens teeth!  We'll also dive into charcoal toothpastes, purple toothpastes, and more!

Does whitening toothpaste work? When it comes to preventing new stains and keeping your smile white (after a professional whitening treatment), yes. It’s perfect for minimizing new surface stains from coffee, tea, etc. Does charcoal toothpaste work? Depending on the type, also yes. But some are too abrasive and they can cause gum recession and enamel abrasion, making long-term tooth stain even worse. If you really want whiter teeth, talk to your dentist about getting them treated in-office. And always, always, always work with your dental team when you’re choosing which whitening products to use. They are not created equal!

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