Tuesday, August 2, 2022

What Do BROWN SPOTS on Your Teeth Mean?

Let's talk about the different reasons you have brown spots on your teeth!  And how to get rid of them!

Do you have teeth with brown stains on them? Aside from discoloration, are you also suffering from sensitivity or toothaches? Having brown spots on teeth can be a cosmetic concern, but it could also indicate that a tooth is dying or had a cavity. Larger areas of decay tend to be brown, while early stages look more like white spots. An exam and X-ray will quickly determine the cause of the dark spots on your teeth and if it’s something you need to worry about.

Your dentist can let you know if the brown stain is something that’s safe enough to bleach away with a whitening product, or if you require some type of physical treatment, such as a filling. If whitening is an option, the product can help you erase more internal tooth stain and keep new discoloration at bay (as long as you use your whitening kit for maintenance purposes.)

Bottom line make it a habit to see your dentist on a regular basis (at least twice a year) to have your teeth cleaned. This will give you a brighter smile so that if problems do pop up between visits, they’re easier and quicker to diagnose.

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