Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Tooth Whitening or Porcelain Veneers - Which Is the Better Option?

There are different ways in which you can get smile makeover. The two most popular options include tooth whitening and porcelain veneers. You can get both treatments from an experienced professional dentist. Find out how they compare to decide which one will be the better option for you.

What Can Be Fixed?

The job of tooth whitening is to make the colour of teeth lighter. This type of dental treatment can resolve various issues. The list includes yellow teeth due to smoking teeth stained by coffee and wine and dead teeth which have got darker over time.

Porcelain veneers are applied on existing teeth. They can be used for the treatment of teeth which have lost their natural colour, uneven and chipped teeth and gaps between teeth. Basically, they can give you more comprehensive smile makeover.

What Does the Treatment Involve?

Tooth whitening is a non-invasive dental treatment. You will have to wear a special tray with bleaching gel over your teeth. Blue light is used to activate the gel. You will have to stay with the tray on for a set period of time which is usually less than two hours. You may experience increased tooth sensitivity after the treatment, but this side effect is not common with the modern technologies used.

When you first visit the dentist for veneer placement, the doctor will assess the current condition of your smile and come up with the best solution. Then you will have another appointment for the placement of the veneers. Usually, the teeth require some grinding for the veneers to be placed, but it has been minimised in recent years thanks to the advancement in technology. You should expect your teeth to look and to feel natural after the treatment. The treatment is irreversible, however. You will not be able to go without veneers.

What Are the Results?

With the whitening treatment, you will get perfectly white teeth. However, other imperfections such as unevenness and chips will still be visible. Hance, your smile will be a lot better, but it may not be perfect. The results of the placement of porcelain veneers are more comprehensive. You will have even and perfectly shaped and sized teeth and dazzling white smile.

How Long Do the Results Last for?

After bleaching, the teeth will start to go back to their previous colour in a while. Depending on the situation, another treatment may be required in as little as three to four months even though most people will need it after a year. The porcelain veneers are made to last for 15 to 20 years. Then they will have to be replaced.

You can now decide on the right option for you.

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